WHY back support exoskeleton is needed?
For a 140-lb person, the tension on the erector spinae muscle during bending can reach about 2.5 times of the body weight. Frequent weightlifting or bending can result in musculoskeletal injuries.

                              -----“Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations-Erector Spinae Muscle Forces
Elastic support
Safe & effective
Boost duribility
Protect muscleskeleton
The "SAFETY BELT" for your work
INDUSTRIAL back support exoskeleton

25Kgf supporting for back muscles on average
Total weight 2.4Kg
Fully adjustable size for different users
Passive system   No power required

Weight lifting
Bionic carbon fiber skeleton
Inspired by the human spine and sacrum, the traditional complex torque control mechanism is replaced by the simple geometry of CDYB skeleton frame, which will generate desired assisting torque according to the bending angle. The bionic design tremendously reduced the weight,  complexity and increase comfort for wearing. The strong frame is made of carbon fiber and aviation aluminum alloy.
Differential walking mechanism
The built-in differential mechanism can detect the working status of the exoskeleton. “Low-resistance state” can ensure the freedom of actions such as walking, running, squatting, climbing, etc. During bending action, the mechanism starts engaging and providing assisting torque.
Easy adjustment
Due to the patented adjusting mechanism, a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use adjusting structure is built into the rope. It only needs to adjust a single point to adapt to different needs and users of different heights.
REDUCE stress   IMPROVE efficiency  PROTECT users
sEMG muscle activity
Reduce back muscle stress by approximately 25% on average during lifting.
Reduce back muscle stress up to 60% for bending postures.
1. Due to the diversity of users, a specific period may be needed to get used to an exoskeleton, just like the first time riding a bike or using a new tool.
2. CDYB-EP is not designed to increase the strength of users. The supporting force provided by the exoskeleton can reduce the load on the muscle skeleton of the lower back. Increase the working efficiency while protecting users. DO NOT try to lift a heavy load which beyond the user's capacity.
INDUSTRIAL back support exoskeleton
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