CDYS shoulder support exoskeleton
Provide assistance for frequent arm lifting tasks
Vehicle factory
Aircraft manufacture
CDYS shoulder support exoskeleton

Passive system No power required
Total weight:2.6KG
Assist level: 7 levels adjustable
Applicable height:165-195(cm
The carbon fiber skeleton frame is designed based on the movement of the human scapula to provide natural movement and stable assisting.

Natural & Strong
Light weight carbon fiber skeleton frame: 1.9KG
Due to the invention of ASB(anti-sliding belt), all the sliding or rotational mechanism on exoskeleton arms are replaced by simple and lightweight belts. By the unique combination of Suspending type arm support and ASB, supporting is only transfer by soft textiles and no tightening is required for stable attaching.
ASB attaching system
Well attached without tightening
The patented mechanical torque control technology greatly reduces the resistance to arm movement in non-working conditions. Strong support only starts when arms are lifted. CDYS ensures long-term wearing comfort and freedom in the non-assist state.

User-friendly smart engaging  
Great flexibility & comfort for non-assisting state
CDYS shoulder support exoskeleton
Tested and proved in German, US manufacturers and research institutions
According to actual working conditions, customized environmental protection accessories can be provided. Please contact us to learn more
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