Advanced Integration
Simple   Effective  Comfortable
BACK Assistance & Protection
Practical & Effective PPE
Soft back support exoskeleton
Light weight
Passive system
Differential walking mechanism

Total weight:        0.75Kg

Max back muscle assistance:  21Kgf

Embedded elastic frame
The embedded elastic frame can “shape” itself according to users movement and transfer the assisting force effectively.
Swing differential mechanism
The patented lightweight differential mechanism ensures free walking and provides support only when needed automatically.
Triple-bands assistance
The unique "triple bands" design increases the force output by stabilizing the position of thigh straps for users without interfering free movement.

Dynamic assisting

Fatigue reduction

Free movement


Protect and prevent MSDs

Soft back support exoskeleton
Back braces have proven effective in safeguarding individuals across a range of tasks. With the advancement of occupational exoskeleton technology, its distinctive features are driving ergonomic optimization, rendering assistance in an increasingly diverse array of work environments.
Soft back support exoskeleton

Exoskeleton for daily works
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