• ~2.4 kg total weight

  • Applicable body size:  165cm-195cm

  • No power required


​Shoulder support

Industrial exoskeleton

Well attached without tightening
Due to the invention of ASB(anti-sliding belt), all the sliding or rotational mechanism on exoskeleton arms are replaced by simple and lightweight belts. By the unique combination of SUSPENDING TYPE ARM CUFF and ASB, supporting is just transfer by soft textiles and no tightening is required for stable attaching.
Natural & Strong

The carbon fiber skeleton frame is designed based on the movement of the human scapula to provide natural movement and stable assisting.

Skeleton frame weight :less than 2 kg

Up to 7 supporting levels can be adjusted easily without changing accessories.

human-machine interface

Based on structural design and the adoption of breathable materials, the direct contact surface area of the whole exoskeleton is tremendously reduced to provide a comfortable long-time wearing experience while ensuring stability.

Potential fast switch

Due to the flexibility and adaptivity of the CDYS exoskeleton structure, the same size exoskeleton can even be well fitted to similar users fully functionally without size adjusting.

wearable accessories 
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