Please ask anything you may be interested in regarding our exoskeleton by email. let us know your targeting application and requirement if possible.
Based on your information, we will help you and recommend if CDYS is suitable for your application and work together with you about the detail for adoption if necessary. Then provide you a quote as required.
Whenever people start using something new, time is needed to get used to it. just like step on a skateboard or wearing glasses. we will be always helping to guide through the process for using exoskeleton and make sure it is using properly after delivery.
Initial order policy
For the better effectiveness of your scaleable and comprehensive assessment. If this is your first time ordering CDYS from Crimson Dynamics you will satisfy the IOP. 
For any company,school or organization which satisfies IOP, the volume price break starts from 2 units for the first order placed. Contact us to know more and get a surprise quote!